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Anne Kurtis

Actor (Non-union)

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Anne Kurtis studied Theatre Arts at SUNY New Paltz, and graduated from Kent State University with a Masters degree in Fine Arts in Theatre, Voice and Performance Studies. 


Anne has worked as professional stage and film actor, stage manager and theatre designer. She was a founding member of Buffalo Laboratory Theatre, and  is a former member of the Board of Trustees at Theatre in the Mist.

She has done stand-up comedy at several comedy club venues.

Anne was awarded a 2019 Theatre Association of New York State meritorious achievement award  for Creative Concept and Direction as the director of TITM's production of You Can't Take it With You.

 Along with her husband, Joe Sciammarella, she is co-founder of Smart Luck Productions.



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Videos: Film

Videos: Stage



Height: 5"6'   |   Eye Color: Hazel|   Hair Color: Auburn


*You Can't Take it With You                       Theatre in The Mist                        2019


Reunion                                                       Smart Luck Productions                 2021 Buffalo 48-hour film project

*Honor                                                         Smart Luck Productions                 2020  Buffalo Movie/Video Makers

Couples                                                       Smart Luck Productions                 2020  Streamed production


Making God Laugh                              Ruthie                              Theatre in The Mist                               

Twelve Angry Men                                Juror # 4                          Theatre in The Mist                               

Miracle on 34th Street                          Doris Walker*                   Theatre in The Mist                               

Tony & Tina's Wedding                        Loretta Black                   Theatre in The Mist                               

It's a Wonderful Life the Radio Play    Ava Loomis                      Theatre in The Mist                              

Mystery Of The Sliver Chalice             Mistress Luna                   710 Main, Buffalo Lab Theatre

Dead Man’s Cell Phone                       Mrs. Gottlieb                    Buffalo Laboratory Theatre

Machine Stops 2.0                                Ma                                    Buffalo Laboratory Theatre

Cinderella Waltz                                    Mrs. Snow                        Buffalo Laboratory Theatre

Amadeus                                               Teresa Salieri                    Irish Classical Theatre Co.

Flannigan’s Wake                                  Fiona U/S                         Shea’s Smith Theatre

24-Hour Playwriting Festival                Three One-Acts                Manhattan Theatre Source

Sad Tale of Mr. Ali Ali                           Rosie O’Donnell              Subversive Theatre Company

Totalitarian Christmas                          Sarah Palin                       Subversive Theatre Company


RoadRun Air TV Commercial  (2021)      Noam Argov, Director                                          Supporting

Ask Me To Dance                     (2021)      Tom O'Malley, Director                                        Background

Anxious Perception                 (2021)      James Arnold, Director                                        Supporting

Discover Card Training Video (2021)      Eagle Productivity Solutions                                Supporting

A Quiet Place 2 (2021)                             John Krasinski, Director                                        Background

Honor        (2020)                                      Smart Luck Productions                                       Lead

Couples     (2020)                                     Smart Luck Productions                                        Lead

Kid & Nick  (2020)                                    Unnecessary Roundabout Productions               Supporting

Deadly Vows                                            Fred Olin Ray, Director                                         Background

Kill Martin Scratch                                   Drew Bialy, Director                                               Lead

As He Watched                                        Nile Myers, Director                                              Lead


Mater of Fine Arts, Theatre Performance                                                                             Kent State University

Acting For The Camera                                        Rohn Thomas                                           Kent State University

Bachelor of Science, Theatre Arts                                                                                         SUNY  New Paltz             

Clown Intensive Workshop                                   Michael Toomey                                     Shakespeare and Company

Voice actors of Western NY                                  Toni Silveri                                               All Coast Talent Agency

Stand-up Comedy Workshop                                                                                                Comix Café, Buffalo, NY

Special Skills

Voice Acting (Dialects: Irish, High British, Cockney, French, Southern)

Stand-up Comedy

NY State Licensed Cosmetologist

NY State Enhanced Driver’s License


*Buffalo Movie-Video Makers, Second place "Shorty" Contest Smart Luck Productions  short film HONOR, 2020 


*Theatre Association of New York State Meritorious Achievement for Creative Concept and Direction, Theatre In The Mist's Production of  YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU, 2019

*Theatre Association of New York State Meritorious Achievement for Ensemble Performance, Theatre In The Mist's Production of  YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU, 2019

* Theatre Association of New York State Meritorious Achievement for Acting, Theatre In The Mist's Production of  MIRACLE ON 34th STREET, 2016



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Anne Kurtis

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